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Property Management

Plumb–Jet & Gas-Jet property management service is focused on comprehensive plumbing support to real estate property managers or body corporate services.

We strive to understand your needs and requirements then tailor a service to suit those needs. Our approach is to offer a fast and effective, high quality response to your plumbing problems.

So if you want your plumbing maintenance managed by professionals then give us a call.

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General Maintenance

From the humble tap washer to your leaking toilet or that late night burst pipe. Plumb-Jet will have you covered. With 24hr rapid response we will ensure that your plumbing problems will be resolved as fast as they have arrived.

We believe that no matter how small the job that quality service and workmanship is upheld. It’s with this ethos that we were approached by an award winning manufacture to supply the Plumb-Jet super washer. 5 YEAR LEAK FREE GUARANTEE!

So call Plumb-Jet today the maintenance professionals.

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Blocked Drains

This is where we excel, Plumb-Jet have the latest technology in high pressure drain cleaning equipment, and have same day response to any blocked drain problem in sewer or storm water. We will clear your blocked drain fast and effectively and have you back in action in no time. Our machines will cut through the thickest tree root infestations.

Even internal blockages in smaller diameter pipe can be cleared effectively with specialist adaptions to our jetting machines

So if your drains are blocked call Plumb-Jet for fast and effective blockage removal.

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Camera Inspections

Have you ever had problems with your drains constantly blocking up? Think you have broken or damage storm water or sewer pipes, but can’t find the cause of the problem? Plumb-Jet takes the guess work away with the latest technology in cctv drain cameras.

Even if your drains have effectively been cleared of blockages there is no guarantee the blockage will reappear. Tree roots will eventually grow back and breaks or snags in pipework will continue to cause problems.

By using the latest drain camera technology we can effectively identify the cause of the problem. This can provide not just provide documentation of the cause of damage but by using our specially designed location equipment we can pin point locate the problem to allow for accurate dig and repair and eliminate costly and damaging spot digging and guess work.

The application of this cctv technology can also be used on pre house purchase inspection. By having a visual report on a properties sewerage and storm water system you can ensure you not buying a property that could hide costly problems in the future.
We have even used the camera to inspect the structural integrity of aircraft wings. Its application is endless.

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Hot Water Installation and repairs

Going without hot water is a massive inconvenience. So whether you require a whole new system or a simple repair – we prioritise these jobs as urgent and provide a 24 hour rapid response service to get the problem fixed fast.

In many cases you won’t know that your hot water system has failed until you come home from work and jump in the shower or typically over the weekend. We will not just be there in this time of need but we can also provide a service where we can hook up a temporary instantaneous hot water system. This not only allows you to have continued hot water but if it needs replacing it can give you time to decide on what type of system you want.

Choosing the correct hot water system can be difficult, as there are so many options to choose from – like gas, solar, electric, heat pump, instantaneous, or gas boosted solar

At Plumb-Jet we can take you through all these options and tailor a system that best suits your needs and requirements.

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Green Plumbing

We all have the responsibility to save water and reduce energy consumption and a great way to achieve this is by utilising green plumbing techniques.

Green plumbing consists of environmentally friendly and sustainable plumbing solutions including rainwater tanks, storm water systems, solar hot water, grey water systems, water recycling and water saving devices.

You may be looking to capture rainwater for irrigation or watering your garden, laundry use, toilet flushing, or commercial applications, or you might like to reduce your carbon emissions and energy use by installing solar hot water.

Whatever the situation Plumb-Jet will have your Green plumbing solution.

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Pre Purchase House Inspections

Did you know Building & Pest Inspections do not fully cover plumbing?

Buying a house is the largest investment you will ever make, so why buy something that could potentially cost you even more money once you move in.

We can provide a service that will give you an accurate report of the condition of the plumbing prior to any house purchase. Things like undetected water leaks, old galvanised pipework, illegal gas instillations or poor condition hot water systems can all be costly time bombs.

Our detailed easy to read Pre-Purchase Plumbing Inspection reports include:

• DVD recording of Sewer pipe and Stormwater inspection using a CCTV Drain Camera.

• Pressure test to determine adequate water supply or underlying issues.

• Condition report of the gutters and downpipes.

• Surface water report checking adequate drainage is in place.

• Condition report of the water line.

• Condition report of all taps, flip mixers and fixtures.

• Condition report of vanities and pipes below.

• Condition report of toilet and cistern.

• Condition report of sinks and tubs.

• Inspection of ventilation systems.

• Comprehensive Hot Water Heater check, including date, life expectancy and valves check.

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Backflow Prevention Devices

Each backflow prevention containment device must be tested on an annual basis. This is a condition of connection to the water supply. It means that the device is maintained and continues to operate effectively. The annual test will ensure the drinking water supply is protected from backflow.

If a device is defective or faulty, it may not prevent a contaminated source entering the drinking the water supply cause water to be wasted through leaking devices impact on the water pressure supplying your property
A backflow prevention accredited licensed plumber will need to test all of your devices.

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Bathrooms, Kitchens or Laundry’s we can provide a full renovation service from plumbing through to tiling.

We can even help with design and layout.

We have experience in every type of renovation work from large multi bathroom reno’s to small unit complex where space is limited.

So if you’re fed up with your old tired bathroom or kitchen then give us a call today

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Gas Services – Commercial

If your commercial kitchen is your livelihood then a shutdown of a gas stove or fryer can have huge effects on your business. Here at Gas-Jet we can provide a rapid service to ensure that your kitchen does not have downtime. From appliance servicing to new installs carried out after hours, to breakdown response during service and even backup supply of temporary appliances.

We can also run a comprehensive preventative maintenance program that will both prolong the life of your gas appliance and will also allow early detection of potential faults that could cause costly downtime.

Whatever the problem we will have a solution. So if commercial gas appliances are part of your business then call Gas-Jet today

Other commercial gas services include:

• Multiple (banked) Gas hot water systems

• Large gas boosted solar systems

• Safety certificating

• Gas hot water servicing

• Pipework installs

• Large LPG gas bottle installs

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Gas Services – Domestic

Gas installations and fitting installation are dangerous jobs when done by a home owner or a non-licensed plumber. Here at Gas-Jet we pride ourselves with ensuring that all work is carried out to the highest standards and to the most recent codes. We are fully licensed in both Queensland and NSW.

• Gas room heaters

• Gas installations – new piping

• Gas fitting- installation of gas appliances

• Connection inspection and service of all
gas services

• Bayonet installations

• Stove installations

• Gas hot water systems

• Gas leak detection and repairs

Gas-Jet gas fitters and gas professionals are highly trained, highly experienced and have a strong belief in duty of care with all our instillations. We have expansive knowledge in gas appliances and offer free advice and help in selecting the right cooker, room heater or hot water unit for your home.

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Gas Safety in your home

If you smell gas inside your property:

Don’t mess around when you are concerned about a gas leak inside your property. If you are unable to locate and switch off your gas supply exit the building immediately, call 000 and ask for the fire service.

If you are able to switch off your gas supply at the meter or cylinder:

1. Turn off all appliances including electrical and pilot lights

2. Open all doors and windows for ventilation

3. Contact a licensed gas fitter GAS-JET

Dangerous Gas Hot Water Systems:

Gas appliances that have not been properly maintained or installed have been responsible for deaths and serious injuries. If you have not had your gas heater serviced recently or you’r concerned about any gas appliance and its installation then give Gas-Jet a call . Make sure your gas appliances (indoor or outdoor) are serviced once a year by a licensed gas fitter.

Don’t gamble with gas call Gas-Jet Today.

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