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Leak Detection Tweed Heads

Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet provide leak detection and emergency leak repair services across the wider Tweed Heads, Gold Coast and Byron Bay areas. Our team have serviced the local area for over eight years and have decades of experience between them as qualified plumbers. We respond to leaks as soon as possible and provide 24/7 emergency leak repair for plumbing and gas emergencies.

Call us on 1300 881 902 to arrange leak detection and repairs at your best convenience. If you require immediate, emergency leak repair, don’t hesitate to call us at any time. We respond to emergency callouts immediately, with after-hour callouts subject to a small surcharge.

General plumbing & gas leak detection:

The most common leaks we diagnose are shower and bath leaks, sink leaks and tile leaks. After diagnosis, we’re equipped to take care of any waterproofing and plumbing repairs and can recommend a local tiling professional if re-tiling works are needed after the leak repair.

As qualified gas installers, we’re equipped to repair any gas leaks you face. If you smell a rotten egg smell or start to feel nauseous / light-headed in your house, please remove yourself and your family immediately and call us. We provide 24/7 emergency callouts and respond to gas leaks immediately. If you’re able to locate the mains shutoff valve or tank valve (for LPG users), we recommend turning it off if safe to do so.

Roof leaks:

Often, water leaks coming through roofs is difficult to pinpoint, as it comes through small holes and cracks and disperses elsewhere by the time it drips through the ceiling. With this in mind, we use thermal imaging to pinpoint the exact location where water is coming through. If the leak can’t be taken care of immediately, we can apply tarpaulin and other temporary protection measures to ensure your ceiling or furniture isn’t damaged any further. After taking care of your roof leak, we can inspect other areas of the roof and guttering to determine if the problem is likely to re-occur.

Exterior leak detection:

If you’ve noticed your water bill is much higher than normal and you can’t seem to identify any leaks inside your house or roof, you might have an exterior leak causing you trouble. Detecting exterior leaks can be difficult, but fortunately we have specialised tools to identify exterior and underground leaks accurately. This is especially important when detecting leaks under concrete, where demolition of the surface above is required. We can find leaks in everything from retaining walls to patios and pool tiles.

Insurance work:

We do work with insurance companies; however, we recommend getting in touch with them first as they will require an initial inspection. Most insurance companies allow for choice of repairer and we’ve worked with most major insurers in the area. Visit our page on insurance claims and make-safe visits for more information.

Leak Detection Services

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