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Keeping an eye on your pipes – Blocked drains

blocked drain

Inside broken earthenware pipe

Have you ever experienced the annoyance of a blocked drain?  That sinking feeling that something sinister is at work when what should be flowing freely away from your house has suddenly decided to come back to say hello!

At some point in time everyone will experience a blocked pipe.  For those lucky people it will often be an easy fix and a quick attack of the plunger and everything  is back to working order.  However often the problem is more deeply rooted (excuse the pun).  Even after an effective plunge the problem may come back.

We see it time and time again especially after the use of our jetting machine.  Our operators can generally tell if there is a major issue with the pipes by either what the machine pulls back e.g tree roots, or by the way the jetting machine acts within the pipe.  Despite this its impossible to pinpoint the exact cause of the problem or indeed its location.  To simply clear the drain and walk away would not be offering an effective long term fix of the issue.  The drain will block again and if sod has anything to do with it, this will happen on a Friday night before a dinner party.

The correct result from any blocked drain where we believe that the integrity of the pipe has been compromised is to camera the pipe.  The push rod CCTV pipe camera and locator is an essential piece of equipment that the team at Plumb-Jet are well skilled at using.  It can wind it way through pipes recording everything it sees.  Every break, blemish or deformity can be highlighted and then its exact location can then be found on the surface.

This reporting and location can then allow for an effective dig and repair of that problem section of pipe.  No more issues!!

Plumb-Jet: the blocked drain specialists

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