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Tweed Heads Hot Water System Installation

Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet are expert plumbing professionals, providing affordable Tweed Heads hot water system installation, repairs and maintenance. We’ve been servicing the wider Tweed area for over eight years and our team of qualified professionals has decades of experience in the industry. We’re equipped to install and repair solar, electric and gas hot water systems, as well hot water pool pumps.

Get in touch with us on 1300 881 902 to discuss your hot water system or arrange repairs; we can usually provide over-the-phone estimates for simple replacements.


Whether your existing heater isn’t coping with your usage requirements or you’re wanting to upgrade to solar, our team have got you covered. We’ll carefully analyse the needs of your household and recommend a solution that suits your budget, usage and household layout. We’ll also take care of arranging an electrician to simplify the installation process. Unsure whether gas, electric or solar would be best? Get in touch with us and speak to one of our plumbing experts for honest advice or to arrange an inspection and quote.

Solar systems are a smart choice in sunny Northern NSW, and our team are equipped to install and replace solar hot water systems. We usually source hot water systems from Rinnai, one of Australia’s most reputable and reliable solar hot water system suppliers. This ensures you get the longest lifespan and most energy efficiency out of your new setup.

Gas installation & heating:

We’re qualified gas installers and have extensive experience in new gas hot water installations and replacements. If you’re new to gas hot water heating, we can guide you through the process of obtaining a gas service provider during our quote and discuss whether a gas heating system would suit you over an electric or solar model. We also perform gas hot water pump installations for pools.

In addition to gas hot water systems, we’re gas heating experts and are one of the few gas installers in the local area experienced with under-floor heating. Visit our Gas Installations & Heating page to learn more about our gas heating capabilities.


On a winter’s day, it can be an absolute nightmare to be out of hot water for even a few hours. We’ll work tirelessly to restore hot water to your household as quickly as possible if your hot water system has failed.

Common faults we repair include:

  • Leaks
  • No hot water
  • No water pressure at all
  • Excessively noisy hot water system

We can quickly source replacement parts for most common hot water systems, whether solar, gas or electric, and we’ll quickly determine whether a repair or replacement is the most affordable or time efficient solution. Plus, we’ll take care of organising a reputable local electrician if we determine the problem to be electrical. Call us immediately on if your hot water system has failed.


It’s important for the long-term health of your hot water system to keep it serviced and checked semi-frequently. If you’ve started to notice small leaks, noises, or it’s just taking longer than usual for your hot water to come on, we recommend having our team take a quick look at it. Usually, hot water system faults are simple and cheap to fix when diagnosed early. While we’re there, we can take a look at any other plumbing faults (leaky taps etc.) you have for the ultimate peace of mind.

Tweed Heads Hot Water Systems

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