What Is A Water Hammer And How To Stop It?

What Is A Water Hammer And How To Stop It?


When you turn your taps on, you expect the quiet and soothing sound of water flowing from the fixture. If you get a sound like a death metal drummer has set up camp in your pipes instead, you may be the victim of a water hammer.

It can vary from a loud bang to several loud bangs, each preceded by an echoey sound through your household. If you hear noise when opening a tap, this is most likely the sound of air in the pipes.

Bangs are caused by shockwaves that cause pipes to move and strike each other or adjoining frames. When the pipes are not adequately supported or the valves wear out, the banging gets worse.

However, the noise isn’t merely annoying. A water hammer is an indication that your plumbing system may be damaged. In order to avoid permanent damage, you must fix the water hammer causes.


What causes water hammer?

Your mains pressure is a high-pressure flow of water that is halted whenever you turn off a tap. This causes the water to rapidly return back through your plumbing. If there are any existing problems, this to-and-fro process of pressurised water can lead to air pockets and the banging noise that you hear.

There is a range of different causes for water hammers, including loose or damaged pipes, work stop valves, clogged air chambers, water ripples caused by your float valve or even new appliances that may be causing issues with the solenoid valves.

To discover the cause of the banging in your pipes, a professional plumber will need to inspect all of the potential problems, isolate the issue and repair it.


Can a water hammer damage your pipes?

A water hammer, also known as surge flow, occurs when the volume of fluid in the pipe changes dramatically. The pressure in pipes can be extremely high, causing tremendous pressure on pipe supports. It can even cause sudden reversals of flow.

This serious problem causes erosion, damage to the pipes, valves, fittings, and can cause a pipe to burst when it occurs. If left unchecked, it can lead to damaged pipe racks and supports, as well as leaks at joints, which can cause catastrophic damage to your house or business.


What does a water hammer arrestor do?

There is a method you can use to stop or reduce the impact of a water hammer, including the installation of a water hammer arrestor. Devices such as these absorb the shock when rapid closing shutoff valves, dishwashers, and clothes washers suddenly interrupt water flow within a piping system. Taking this action prevents water hammers from damaging your property.


Fix your water hammer issues and prevent them from occurring again with Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet

We can diagnose, limit, and eradicate your banging water pipes with our expertise at Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet.

We are able to provide a repair service for water pipe noises for many suburbs near Tweed, Byron Bay, Gold Coast, and Brisbane.

To schedule an appointment with your local plumber, call us on 1300 881 902.

Why is my water bill higher than normal?

There are some obvious reasons why your water bill might be higher than normal. Water consumption usually increases in the summer months, when we drink more water and bathe to stay cool, or where an extra person has joined a household.


However, if you don’t think that your water output has changed considerably, but your water rates are considerably higher than usual, there could be a plumbing issue. Here are four things that a high water bill could indicate.


1. A dripping faucet

Although this may seem like a small inconvenience for the price you’re paying, dripping faucets can lead to 20 gallons of wasted water a day. This could be a lot more if the leak is significantly heavy.


If you’re experiencing high water bills, perhaps the easiest thing you can do is first check your home water appliances. This includes bath and sink taps, showerheads, and hoses.


Once you find the source, you can replace your leaky appliance with a hardware store alternative or contact a professional plumber to install it.


2. Outdated fixtures

If you have always experienced high water bills upon moving into a new property, you probably have outdated fixtures. Old homes are not likely to have had modern water systems installed. This means that you don’t benefit from new energy-efficient improvements. These include water-saving showerheads and toilets, and modern aerators.


To identify if this problem applies to you, check the manufacturing dates on your home appliances. You may have to buy new equipment to be installed, but these renovations will save you money in the long run.


You should always ask an estate agent whether the plumbing structures have been updated when considering a property.


3. Leaking toilet

There are many ways to identify if you have a leaking toilet. This includes cracks in the porcelain, regular clogging, it emanates bad sewage smells, visible leaking from the base of the toilet, or strange noises after flushing.


You can also conduct a dye test to establish whether you have a toilet leak. Put a few drops of food colouring into the tank of your toilet and wait for 15-20 minutes. If the dye is still present in the toilet bowl after this time, then you have a leak.


Toilet leaks are the most common cause of high water bills and perhaps result in the most water wastage. A leaking toilet wastes around 200 gallons a day – ten times more water than a leaking faucet.


If you have a toilet leak, it is important that you seek professional help immediately.


4. Lateral or irrigation leaks

An irrigation system comprises a network of pipes that disperse water around your garden. Breakages or loosening of the pipes can cause leaks to occur. Be sure to check your grass for particularly wet patches or uneven growth.


Lateral leaks are caused when underground pipes that feed water to your home become loose or disconnected. This could be due to many factors, such as seismic activity, aged pipes, or tree root intrusion.


Lateral leaks are the most severe type of leak and must be attended to by an expert plumber.


If you’re experiencing high energy bills and require expert solutions in Tweed Heads, call Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet today on 1300 881 902 or email admin@plumbjet.com.au.

Plumbers’ Tips for Maintaining Your Pipes in Tweed Heads

Plumbers’ Tips for Maintaining Your Pipes in Tweed Heads

When it comes to plumbers in Tweed Heads, Plumb-Jet and Gas-Jet are some of the best. We offer a wide range of plumbing services to meet your needs. The pipes in your house are a pretty important part of your plumbing system and they require a bit of maintenance to ensure they work like they should. You won’t have to put in a ton of time and effort, but the following tips will help you maintain your pipes so you don’t face inconvenient and expensive plumbing issues in your home. 

Use Strainers on Your Drains

This is a really easy way to keep your pipes clear and in good condition. Blocked drains can lead to pipe damage, which can cause backups and flooding in your house. Not only can that damage your floors, walls, and rugs, but it also poses a health risk. By placing strainers on your drains, you can keep large food debris, grease, hair, and other items from slipping down, creating a blockage. 

Clean Drains Regularly

It’s not always a good idea to put chemical pipe cleaners down your drains, but you can easily keep them clean with baking soda and vinegar. Sprinkle each drain with baking soda, then pour in some plain white vinegar. The mixture will bubble and help dissolve built up gunk in the pipes. Let them work for a few minutes, before flushing with hot water. If you suspect you have a blocked drain, give us a call because it can make the problem worse if you try to take care of it yourself. 

Get an Inspection

If you’re worried that there is something wrong with your pipes, have them inspected. We can look inside and make sure there isn’t any corrosion or worn out places that need to be replaced. If there are issues, we are trained and experienced in taking care of them for you. A regular inspection is much easier than running into an issue that gets expensive and time consuming to repair. 

Don’t Ignore Leaky Pipes

Sometimes you may have a leaky pipe and not realize it until you see visible water damage. However, dripping taps and running toilets are other signs you might have a leak. These are not problems you should ignore because the issue will only get worse and can cause major damage if the pipe bursts. 

Looking for plumbers in Tweed Heads to help maintain your pipes? Call Plumb-Jet and Gas-Jet today or get in touch online

How To Fix These Plumbing Mistakes

How To Fix These Plumbing Mistakes

Common Plumbing Mistakes

Having to call in the plumbers is something we all wish to avoid. Our first thought is always that we can fix whatever is wrong. It goes against the grain to hire someone to repair what is obviously dead easy to do. It’s only plumbing, right? Plumbers cost an arm and a leg, don’t they? Why waste your money on some bloke with a tool bag? You’ve got your own set of tools, so why not do it yourself? 

Unfortunately, the path to plumbing hell is paved with good intentions. Murphy’s Law- if it can go wrong, it probably will. Unless you have training in plumbing and know what you are doing, it’s odds on that you will make a mess of it. That’s our experience at Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet. We’ve had to clean up many Tweed plumbing disasters. For that reason, we would like to point out some common plumbing mistakes Tweed residents and how to solve them.

Drain Cleaner

We’ve all heard of that magical liquid substance called drain cleaner. Any time you have blockage or think you have because your water in draining away too slowly, it’s time to reach for the drain cleaner. It’s really good stuff, but unfortunately, it’s also very caustic and powerful. Invariably people use way too much of it. It is highly corrosive and will certainly damage your pipes and joints because you use far more than necessary. There are natural products that do the same job, but more slowly and don’t damage your plumbing.

Wrong Connections

Another common mistake when replacing a bit of piping is connecting copper piping with galvanized pipes. Where they touch each other, it leads to corrosion. Many amateurs get this wrong and set themselves up for future problems with the wrong installation. What is necessary is a dielectric union to join but separate the two. These joints contain a plastic sleeve and a rubber washer so they don’t touch.

Shut Off the Water

This is a laughable, but very common mistake made by plumbing DIY enthusiasts. In their enthusiasm and macho urge to prove that they can fix anything, they rush to get the job done, but forget to cut off the water at the mains and drain the system before working. Some don’t even know where the shut off valves are! Know where your valves are.

Call a Licensed Plumber

Above are just three very simple, but all too common mistakes that Tweed plumbing DIY enthusiasts make. Plumb-Jet & Gas-Jet have been called out many times to deal with the consequences of them. Don’t make mistakes, call a plumber. You can contact us through our message page or simply give us a ring.

Why Plumbers Prefer You Not to DIY Bathroom Repairs



Finding a Trustworthy Plumber You Can Count On

Finding a Trustworthy Plumber in Tweed Heads

So you’re looking for a Tweed Heads plumber? You’re going to need a plan. As it turns out, not all plumbers are created equal…

Tip: call Plumb-Jet. Well we would say that, wouldn’t we? To show we’re good to our word, we’ll explain why our advice is on the money, not just for us, but for you when you’re needing a plumber.

From the employer’s perspective, i.e. your perspective, here are 5 steps to help choose the best of who’s available.

Are You Qualified?

  • NSW Licence No. 228804C
  • QLD Licence No. 1194843
  • ABN 12426542876

Without these official looking numbers, you could be giving your money to a silver-tongued ‘handy’ man in exchange for a range of well-staged porkies.

The licences listed above represent our qualifications in the eyes of the powers-that-be. We embrace our official accountability and take pride in showing these licences to all who would question our authority.

What’s Your Background? 

Here’s where experience reveals either a handful of recent jobs or, as our experience reveals, a long and ultimately fascinating history of work involving drains, roofs and gas lines — for clients that include captains of industry, proverbial hard-working Australians, as well as the much-maligned neighbourhood cat lady.

We can confidently say that, when it comes to plumbing and gas-fitting, you’ll have a hard time finding more expertise under one roof. If it involves the flow of liquids and gases, you can trust we’ve encountered it and mastered it.

If you’re a business owner or a home owner, you need trades people with the equipment and the skills to tackle unforeseen issues.

Renovations, in particular, can be a Pandora’s Box of the unpredictable. Expecting the unexpected is par for the course with renovations but it can also be true of new builds.

At Plumb-Jet, we’ve worked on jobs of every scope and like to be prepared. Our well-equipped service vehicles are loaded with every tool and spare part we could possibly need.

This Is Urgent, Can You Fix It?

Emergencies become emergencies because no one saw them coming. It’s time to keep a cool head and call a professional who’ll waste no time fixing the problem.

The phone at Plumb-Jet is manned 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, all year round. Save this number to your smart phone’s contacts: 1300 881 902. That way, when things escalate quickly, you won’t waste another second Googling for answers.

Getting a Quote Should be Easy

Getting a quote gives you a chance to outline the scope of what’s involved in your job. With Plumb-Jet, our quotes are free and there’s no obligation. With businesses who charge for their quotes, if you don’t like the price, you’re committed having already sunk a chunk of change into a simple price enquiry.

With a quick quote from Plumb-Jet, your decision to proceed will be straightforward.

Read the Reviews

Google makes no bones about it — fake reviews are not tolerated. Most review platforms follow suit. No one will use their service if the reviews cannot be trusted.

Read Plumb-Jet’s reviews now.

Call us when you want the job done right the first time.

Silent Signs Your Tweed Coast Home’s Plumbing Has a Big Problem

Silent Signs Home’s Plumbing Has a Big Problem

There are many signs your Tweed Coast plumbing is obviously in need of repair. That includes leaking and flooding. But did you know there are also some not so obvious signs that you need a plumber? When that happens, you need Plumb Jet and Gas Jet Plumbing and Gas Solutions. We can do a wide range of plumbing jobs, both large and small so that you never have to worry about a bigger problem. Here are some of the silent signs telling you to call us right away. 

Pipes that are Discoloured

You should inspect your pipes regularly so that you can detect a problem before it gets worse. If you happen to notice that your pipes are discoloured, you have an issue that needs to be addressed. This usually indicates that there is moisture where it shouldn’t be, such as that caused by a dripping sink or a leak in the main line. Letting this go can lead to broken pipes and flooding so get it taken care of right away.

Slow Drains

You might not think this is a big deal, but slow drains could be a pretty big problem. It probably means you have a blockage somewhere that needs to be removed. Leaving it for too long can make the blockage bigger and harder to dislodge. Slow drains are not something you should attempt to tackle yourself. It’s better to call us to have a look because the culprit could be tree roots in the sewer line, which requires a professional to take care of. 

Bigger Than Average Water Bills

If you are suddenly getting water bills that are significantly higher than they usually are, there’s definitely something going on with your plumbing system. If you aren’t using more water than normal, you probably have a leak somewhere. A running toilet is a common cause of a spike in your water bill as well. We can diagnose and repair both of these issues for you. 

Green Spots in the Garden

Have you noticed a patch of your grass that’s greener than the rest? This indicates a potential problem with your sewer line. A leaking sewer line can cause one section of the grass to turn a different colour and you’ll probably notice it between the house and the street, which is where most sewer lines run. You may also notice sunken patches of your garden. The sooner you fix this, the lower the risk of further problems with your plumbing system. Do you have any of these silent signs in your Tweed Coast plumbing?  Call Plumb Jet and Gas Jet Plumbing and Gas Solutions right away to get an obligation free quote.

Plumbers’ Tips for Maintaining Your Pipes in Tweed Heads