6 Common causes of a blocked drain

6 Common causes of a blocked drain

A clogged drain is one of the most common reasons why homeowners call out a plumber to their Tweed Heads homes. Whether it is causing slow drainage, sewage backup, smells or flooding, a problem with your drains can quickly get out of hand and cause costly repairs. Understanding how clogged drains occur can mean that you take steps to reduce blocked drains, and only need to call out Plumb Jet in a real emergency.


Perhaps the number one cause of blocked drains, hair is easily mixed with grease and soap residue to create a hellish blocked drain. To avoid this, we recommend that you use drain guards to block hair, which should then be washed out regularly to avoid blocking the drain.


Your drains are there to take dirt away from your home, but if you push too much dirt down the drain at once, it can quickly clog it, and may cause problems with your sewage system that require help from Plumb Jet.


A big culprit in clogged drains is soap. Traditional bars of soap are often made with grease residue, which when combined with water and other material such as hair and dirt, can clog up your drains.

Hard water

You can’t help what type of water you receive from the state, but if you have hard water, then the minerals that it contains can solidify, and may quickly become a large mass that block your drains. A water softener can help you to ease this issue.

Food debris

This is another common reason why Plumb Jet are called out to homes. Don’t waste from pots and pans and plates should never be allowed to sink into the drain. Instead, use a drain guard to collect anything from the water, and scrape as much as possible directly into the bin.

Plant roots

If you have trees or large bushes close to your property, then they can cause damage to your drains when they are seeking out water. Even tiny cracks can provide an access point for tree roots, which can then grow and become too large for the pipe. Monitor your plants to avoid this problem in the future.

Calling out an emergency plumber

If you have a serious problem with a blocked drain in your home, then you need to call out to an expert Plumber in Tweed Heads who can help you to avoid blocked drains in the future. Simply contact Plumb Jet today online or give us a call on 1300-881-902 now.