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Backflow Devices- Your Requirements and the Information you NEED to know!

8th image - Backflow Devices-  Your Requirements and the Information you NEED to know!

Testable Backflow devices – As stated in the Standard Plumbing Drainage Regulation 2003 –

‘An owner of an installed testable backflow device must –

(a) Register the device with the local government or entity; and
(b) at least once a year, have the device inspected or tested by a person who is licensed to do the work.

Max Penalty – 20 points

In a nut shell the responsibility of backflow devices falls back on the owner of the device. With 20 penalty points up for grabs its a maximum fine of $2610.80 (at the present cost of $130.54 per point), so it really pays to be compliant. Especially at only $129* per device! What’s better is here at Plumb-Jet we will register your device on to our own database and lodge the specific date of re-inspection so that can contact you with a friendly reminder that your backflow device is requiring a re-inspection and test. No stress for you and more importantly no nasty fines.

So what are backflow devices I hear you ask. To simplify its a mechanical device that protects the drinking water supply from containments. They come in different sizes and brands and are usually found on premises where there is a chance that the water supply is at risk from cross contamination. Below is a list of common instillations of backflow devices

GREASE TRAPS – Commercial kitchens restaurants. – The tap that would be installed to assist the cleaning of the grease trap must be protected by a testable backflow device
IRRIGATION SYSTEMS – plant nurseries, farms – Any drinking water supply connected to an irrigation system injected with fertilizers etc. must have a testable backflow device
COMMERCIAL LAUNDRIES – Testable backflow devices
COMMERCIAL DISHWASHERS – Any dishwasher that is chemically injected must be protected with a testable backflow devices.
RAINWATER TANKS – Any in-ground rainwater tank that has a device allowing drinking water top up must have a testable backflow devices
INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXES – Most multi use industrial complexes will have a testable backflow devices installed.
HOTEL COMPLEXES / RESORTS – Guaranteed that there will be a number of testable backflow devices installed in the common areas.
SHOPPING CENTRES – with grease traps, commercial kitchens and wash down bays there would be multiple backflow devices installed in multiple locations

This is to name a few common locations. However it would be fair to say that you are never to far away from a testable double check valve. Thankfully you are also not to far away from a Plumb-Jet Technician to test, commission and install everything backflow related.

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